November 22-23, 2018
University of Miskolc, Hungary
University of MiskolcInstitute of Raw Material Preparation and Environmental ProcessingInstitute of Geotechnics SASTechnical University of OstravaAGH University of Science and TechnologyTadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology
Closing Remarks

The Visegrad 4 WASTE RECYCLING International Conferences are being organised by Visegrad 4 countries, their academic and research institutions.

The aim of the conferences is to give an opportunity for researchers, engineers, designers, professionals, decision-makers and legislators not only from V4 countries but from all over the world to meet together and discuss problems, ideas, the newest research results and innovations in waste recycling, being now-a-days one of the most important issues of the mankind.

The organiser of this, 21st Conference was University of Miskolc in cooperation with the Mining Scientific Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Working Commission, Miskolc Regional Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Association of Environmental Enterprises.

This conference attracted 70 registered participants from many countries as it is shown in below diagram, as well as our 50 students, domestic and from Jordan, Nigeria, Palestine, Kenya and Turkey, countries not shown in this diagram. Being organised as Visegrad 4 Conference, now it is really widely international.

34 high quality presentations were delivered in the Plenary and other 7 sections, followed by vivid discussions. The precious contribution of all authors, plenary lecturers, presenters and chair persons of the sessions is highly appreciated.

The Proceedings of the Conference containing 285 pages, indexed by ISBN 978-963-358-173-5 and distributed among the Conference registered participants, counts 37 papers from 18 countries, as it can be seen from the diagram below:

Later the Proceedings will be available from the home page of our Institute:

We consider this Conference as a successful one and looking forward to hearing your opinions and comments.

The Conference has met its targets: shearing ideas, generating new research projects and deepening the collaboration in environmental R&D took definitely place.

On behalf of Organising Committee I’d like to express our sincere thanks to the Rector and the Chancellor of our University, as well as the Dean of our Faculty for their sufficient support.

The contribution of the V4 Board and the International Scientific Committee is highly acknowledged as well.

The Organising Committee of this Conference consisted of 5 people including me, although the organisation was performed by whole the wonderful staff of our Institute. Sincere thanks for their perfect and devoted work!

And I would like to express my special gratitude to Dr. Ádám Rácz Secretary of the Organising Committee whose contribution to the Conference success is invaluable!

The technical support of University Sport Marketing Ltd and Levente Kocsis our creative web-master is also highly appreciated!

Dear Colleagues, surf through the Photo Gallery, I hope it will be a nice experience for you, keep in contact with us and other Participants of the Conference.

The V4 WR Board together with our Organising Committee wishes you a very prosperous,

successful and happy New Year!


                                                                                                                   Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI

                   Conference Chair

member of V4 WR Board

Scope of the Conference

The main aim of the V4 Waste Recycling XXI International Conference is to strengthen the intersectoral partnerships in environmental research and waste recycling, delivering knowledge transfer in science and technology.

The V4 WR XXI International Conference shall follow the successful series of conferences focused on waste recycling (Waste Recycling I-XX). All countries of Visegrad-Four Group are involved with their academic and industrial partners and will actively participate at the conference.

The main topics of the Conference are devoted to the creation of circular economy and include:

  • Recycling and utilisation of industrial wastes (metallurgical, power-engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical industrial, WEEE, end-of-life vehicles, plastics, demolishing waste, mining waste and tailings, etc.);
  • Treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste and biowaste;
  • Critical raw materials from secondary sources;
  • Decontamination and remediation of contaminated areas;
  • Waste water treatment and air quality control;
  • Business activities in waste recycling;
  • Legislation issues of recycling and waste utilization.

Conference language is English; all papers, presentations and communications are required in English. All accepted papers will be published in the ISBN-numbered Conference Proceedings and distributed among the participants. The selected papers will be advised for the publication in the Geosciences and Engineering Journal (HU ISSN 2063-6997), indexed by ProQuest.

The International Conference V4 WR XXI is organized by the Institute of Raw Material Preparation and Environmental Processing, University of Miskolc, Hungary; Institute of Geotechnics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kosice, Slovakia; Institute of Environmental Engineering, VSB-Technical University, Ostrava, Czech Republic; AGH-University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland; Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Poland in cooperation with the Mining Scientific Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Sub-Committee on Mining, Earth- and Environmental Sciences, Sub-Commission on Preparation, Environmental Processing, Mining and Energy of Miskolc Regional Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Association of Environmental Enterprises as well as „Sustainable Raw Material Management Thematic Network–RING 2017” – EFOP-3.6.2-16-2017-00010 PROJECT.

Final Program

Program - 22 November, 2018

From 800 REGISTRATION in the foyer (A/2 Building)

Chair of the Conference, Member of V4 BoardSPEAKERS:
1030 Dr. mont.habil. Jürgen ANTREKOWITSCH (Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria)
By-products from Metallurgical Industry – an Important Resource for Europe’s Raw Materials Strategy
1110 Prof. Dr. Cecilia HODÚR D.Sc. (University of Szeged, Hungary) Exploitation of Food Waste
Venue: Lecture Hall II (A/2 Building, mezzanine)
Chairperson: Jürgen ANTREKOWITSCH
Smart Urban Re-Use Flagship Alliances in Central Europe
1230 Denis WERNER, Thomas MÜTZE, Hans-Georg JÄCKEL and Urs Alexander PEUKER
Mechanical Processing of spent Lithium-Ion-Batteries from Electric Vehicles
1250 Tamás KÉKESI
Characterization and Complete Utilization of Aluminium Melting Dross
1310 BUFFET LUNCH in the foyer
Venue: Lecture Hall II (A/2 Building, mezzanine)
Chairperson: Stoyan GAYDARDZHIEV and Kinga KORNIEJENKO
1400 Dávid JÁGER, Daniel KUPKA, Miroslava VÁCLAVÍKOVÁ, Lucia IVANIČOVÁ, George GALLIOS
Electrochemical Oxidation of Reactive Black 5 Azo Dye in Chloride Media
1420 Gergő BODNÁR, Daniel KUPKA and Dávid JÁGER
Triazine Pesticide Decomposition by Advanced Oxidation Processes
1440 Grozdanka BOGDANOVIĆ, Dragan MILOJEVIĆ, Anđelija BOGDANOVIĆ and Velizar STANKOVIĆ
Adsorption of Copper, Iron and Zinc Ions from Acid Mine Drainage by Natural Zeolite
1500 Katarina BALANOVIĆ, Milan TRUMIĆ and Maja TRUMIĆ
Comminution of Zeolite and its Potential Application
1520 Dominika BEHUNOVÁ, George GALLIOS and Miroslava VÁCLAVÍKOVÁ
Environmental Applications of Graphene Oxide
1540 József PAULOVICS, Khishigsuren NATSAGDORJ and Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI Comparison of Biowaste Derived and Algae Biosorbents for Heavy Metals Removal from Effluents
Venue: Lecture Hall II (A/2 Building, mezzanine)
Chairperson:Miroslava VÁCLAVÍKOVÁ
and Kristyna POSPISKOVA
Magnetically Responsive Biomaterials and their Application
1640 Inna MELNYK, Veronika TOMINA, Nataliya STOLIARCHUK, Anastasiya LEBED, Iryna FURTAT, Maria KANUCHOVA and Miroslava VÁCLAVÍKOVÁ
Effect of Synthesis Conditions on the Formation of Spherical Silica Particles with Amino Groups and their Investigation in Sorption and as Antibacterial Agents
1700 Sándor NAGY, Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI, Valéria ÜVEGES, Mária AMBRUS, Stoyan GAYDARDZHIEV and Gábor MUCSI
Influence of various mechanical preparation methods of LCD on the leachability of critical elements
The Study of the Applicability of Flotation Agents Based on Derivatives of Oxane for an Enrichment of Fine Coal Particles
1740 Michal MARCIN, Martin SISOL and Ivan BREZÁNI
Effect of Different Activation Solution on Andesite Based Geopolymers
Venue: Lecture Hall IV (A/1 Building, 101)
Chairperson: Thomas MÜTZE
1400 József FAITLI, Barnabás CSŐKE, Roland ROMENDA, Zoltán NAGY and Szabolcs NÉMETH
Developing a Complex Processing Technology in Zalaegerszeg for RMSW Preparation to Decrease Landfilling
1420 Milan TRUMIĆ, Maja TRUMIĆ and Dragan RADULOVIĆ
The Effect of Sieve Loading and Particles Shape on the Results of Polymer Sieve Kinetics
Composition of Cement Kiln Dust by Particle Size
1500 Roland ROMENDA
Processing Examination with Hungarian Developed Industrial NIR Separators for MSW Preparation
1520 Marta WÓJCIK and Feliks STACHOWICZ
Possibility of the Utilization of Sewage Sludge and Different Waste in a Civil Engineering
1540 Ákos PINTÉR-MÓRICZ, János TAKÁCS and Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI Experimental Investigation of Applicability of Bakonyoszlop Sub-Bituminous Coal in Sewage Sludge Treatment
Venue: Lecture Hall IV (A/1 Building, 101)
Chairperson: Christof LANZERSTORFER
1620 Valéria MÁDAI ÜVEGES, Terézia VARGA and Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI
Experimental Comparison: Acidic and Bio Solubilisation of Indium from Liquid Crystal Displays
1640 Roland SZABÓ, Benjámin GULYÁS and Gábor MUCSI
Glass Foam from Waste Hollow Glass
1700 Vladimir NIKOLIĆ, Milan TRUMIĆ, Maja TRUMIĆ and Ljubiša ANDRIĆ
Abbreviated Methods for Determining Bond Work Index
1720 Alena SICAKOVA
Coating as a Possible Way to Improve the Recyclability of Waste Aggregates
1740 Guillermo Uquillas GIACOMETTI
Investigation of Rheological Behaviour of Different Bentonite-Water Suspensions for Tunnel Boring Application

Program - 23 November, 2018

From 800 REGISTRATION in the foyer (A/2 Building)

Venue: Lecture Hall II (A/2 Building,mezzanine)
Chairperson: Gábor MUCSI
Dr. Sanjay KUMAR (CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, India)
Geopolymerising Waste for Construction Materials: Innovation, Challenges and Entrepreneurship
0940 Paula FIGUEIRDO, Carina ULSEN, Maurício BERGERMAN and Gábor MUCSI
Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Produced by Different Comminution Methods
1000 Ida BALCZÁR and Tamás KORIM
Alkali Activated Cement Production from Air-Cooled Slag Industrial Waste
1020 Kinga KORNIEJENKO, Janusz MIKUŁA, Michał ŁACH, Florencia MOURE, Lucía MOREIRAand Martín DUARTE GUIGOU
Characterization of Geopolymer Composites Reinforced with Plastic Wastes
1040 Thomas MÜTZE and Urs Alexander PEUKER
High-Performance Geopolymers by Wet Milling of Blast Furnace Slags
Venue: Lecture Hall II (A/2 Building, mezzanine)
Chairperson: József FAITLI
1120 Sándor NAGY, Quyen V. TRINH, Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI, Anett PINTÉR and Tamás FÁBRIK
Influence of Moisture Content and Temperature on Briquetting of Solar Dried Sewage Sludge
1140 Sándor NAGY, Quyen V. TRINH and Gábor DÓRA
Compression Time and Temperature Effects on PUR Agglomeration
1200 János LAKATOS
Comparison of Bauxite and Red Mud Leachability
1220 Tamás MADARÁSZ
Changes and Leading Trends in Contaminated Site Rehabilitation
1240 János LAKATOS, Tamás TÖRÖK and Ljudmilla BOKÁNYI
Testing of Leachability of Elements of EAF Dust by Acidic and Alkaline Media
1300 Closing of the International Conference V4 WR21
1320 Buffet LUNCH in the foyer

The program may change.

All the speakers are kindly requested to prepare their short (5-8 lines) CV-s, which should be sent to Organising Committee in advance.

Download, or print program here!

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Scientific and Organising Committees
V4 WR Board Members

Vladimir Cablik, VSB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic

Miroslava Vaclavikova, IGT SAS, Kosice, Slovakia

Zbigniev Wzorek, CUT, Cracow, Poland

Ljudmilla Bokányi, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Organizing Committee

Chair Person

Ljudmilla Bokányi, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Conference Secretary

Ádám Rácz, UM, Miskolc, Hungary


József Faitli, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Gábor Mucsi, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Sándor Nagy, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Scientific Committee

Magdalena Balintova, TU Kosice, Slovakia

Wieslaw S. Blaschke, PAN, Cracow, Poland

Ljudmilla Bokányi, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Vladimir Cablik, VSB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic

József Faitli, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Imre Gombkötő, EIT RawMaterials-CLC East

Slavomir Hredzak, IGT SAS, Kosice, Slovakia

Lucia Ivanicova, IGT SAS, Kosice, Slovakia

Andrzej Jarosinski, CUT, Cracow, Poland

Vitazoslav Krupa, IGT SAS, Kosice, Slovakia

Radmila Kucerova, VSB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic

Sándor Nagy, UM, Miskolc, Hungary

Anna Nowak, CUT, Cracow, Poland

Rudolf Tomanec, UB, Belgrade, Serbia

Barbara Tora, AGH, Cracow, Poland

Miroslava Vaclavikova, IGT SAS, Kosice, Slovakia

Hong Nguen Vu, IChT, Prague, Czech Republic

Dorota Wawrzak, JDU Czestochowa, Poland

Zbigniev Wzorek, CUT, Cracow, Poland


Conference Venue

University of Miskolc,

  • Lecture Hall II (A/2 Building mezzanine),
  • and Lecture Hall IV (A/1 Building, 101) only on Thursday afternoon

Gala Dinner Venue

Népkerti Vigadó Restaurant, Hall Hajós Alfréd
Miskolc, Görgey u. 23 (downtown)

University of Miskolc

The V4 WR XXI Conference will take place on the beautiful Campus of University of Miskolc, established in 1735.


General and History

Miskolc is the third most populous city in Hungary, the economic, educational and scientific centre of Northern Hungary, and the seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.

The territory of Miskolc and its surroundings are one of the places inhabited for the longest time in Europe. The remembrances of the so-called „Seleta culture”, justifying the presence of primitive man in Hungary at first, are about 60-70,000 years old. The most significant site of the history of the today’s city is the Castle of Diósgyőr, a formerly independent settlement, which was mentioned in the chronicles already in the 1100s. The castle was in its glory in the 14th-15th century. During the 20th century Miskolc essentially transformed: it became the centre of the heavy industry, changing the society’s structure as well. Subsequent to 1990 by closing the Steel Works of Diósgyőr the significance of the heavy industry ceased, however the cultural role, determinant earlier, remained, and even strengthened by today.

In 2005 on the tender of the Cultural Capital of Europe Miskolc succeeded in the second place after Pécs, subsequently in 2008 the city was awarded the Prize “Hungarian City of Culture”.

Miskolc is the centre of the North-Hungarian region, embodying also a significant economic power. 39 settlements belong to the city’s agglomeration where nearly 100,000 people are living. The city is the educational, cultural and economic centre of the region, thence several ten thousands of people arrive to Miskolc from the surrounding settlements every day.


Its monuments are of outstanding interest: the Greek Orthodox Church is decorated with the largest iconostasis in Central Europe. The Avas Hill is known for its wine cellars. The Avas lookout tower offers a panorama of the city. There are 18th century Baroque buildings such as the Minorite Church and Monastery, the Lutheran Church and the Church of Mindszenty. The 17th century House of Rákóczi houses the Gallery of Miskolc. The gallery of the Ottó Herman Museum and the mineral collection are also worth a visit.


Miskolctapolca’s thermal cave bath is a natural formation. The water, rich in minerals, and the crystalline air of the cave have a healing effect on heart and vascular, rheumatic and respiratory disorders. Bathing here is an awesome experience, thanks to the special light effects, the underground stream and the bubble bath. Boating is relaxing on the scenic lake encircled by wild trees.


The medieval, four-tower Diósgyőr Castle was the dowry of Hungarian queens. The exhibition in the round tower and the annual Historical Castle Show in August recall those times.


Lillafüred is a town in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary. Officially it is a part of Miskolc, actually it is almost 12 kilometres away from the city, in the Bükk Mountains. The narrow gauge forest train runs 14 km long from North Kilián district via Lillafüred until Garadna.

For further information please visit the following website
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Instructions for Authors and Participants

Conference language is English; all papers, presentations and communications are required in English. All accepted papers will be published in the ISBN-numbered Conference Proceedings and distributed among the participants. The selected papers will be advised for the publication in the Geosciences and Engineering Journal (HU ISSN 2063-6997), indexed by ProQuest.


The abstract template is available here.

The full paper should not exceed 10 pages using the pre-defined paper template.


In case of abstract, save the file as wr21-abstract-yourname.docx, while in case of full paper, save the file as wr21-fullpaper-yourname.docx and submit via e-mail to

Important deadlines

September 20, 2018 Author registration (Participant registration is continuous)
September 20, 2018 Abstract submission
November 2, 2018 Full paper submission
November 9, 2018 Notification on paper acceptance/rejection
November 20, 2018 Regular payment
November 22-23, 2018 V4 Waste Recycling XXI International Conference

Presentation time: 15 min + 5 min discussion time.

All participants are kindly required to complete the registration form below.


Registration Fee

Date Standard registration Student registration Accompanying person
Early payment 31 July 2018 150 EUR 100 EUR 40 EUR
Regular payment 20 November 2018 200 EUR 140 EUR 50 EUR
On-site cash payment 22 November 2018 200 EUR 140 EUR 50 EUR

The registration fee covers the participation in the conference, conference proceedings, coffee breaks and refreshments, lunch and participation in the gala dinner on 22 November, 2018. Active B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are considered as students. For accompanying persons the registration fee includes participation in gala dinner and a guided sightseeing tour on 23 November, 2018.

Payment instructions

This way please let us kindly draw your attention that the registration is completed by paying the registration fee.

The registration fee can only be paid by bank transfer.

The bank charges should be covered by the participants.

Bank transfer information
Account holder: University Sportmarketing Kft.
Bank: OTP Bank
Bank address: Uitz Béla utca 6., 3530 Miskolc, Hungary
IBAN: HU64 1176 3347 5861 1881 0000 0000
Remark: WR21 + Your name given at registration

If you wish to pay the registration fees of several participants in only one sum, please specify whose registration fee should be indicated on the invoice as well as the participants’ registration types (participant or accompanying person).


After registration a “request for fee” will be sent to you electronically in .pdf format. This “request for fee” includes all necessary details (e.g. SWIFT, IBAN, etc.) for bank transfer.

Generally we use the following data for making request for fee/invoice:

Invoice name: Name of organisation given at registration
Invoice address: Address given at registration
Denomination: WR21 2018 Conference registration fee for xy (your name given at registration)

If you prefer other invoice data, please contact us by e-mail address.

Following the credit entry of registration fee on our bank account, a “preliminary invoice” will be drawn and sent to you electronically in .pdf format. Should you claim the original issue of “preliminary invoice” now, please let us definitely know as well as the exact postal address.

The final invoice will be given you on the Conference in November 2018.

Ádám Rácz
University of Miskolc
Institute of Raw Material Preparation and Environmental Processing
Miskolc-Egyetemváros, 3515 Hungary
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